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a minute of your time a minute of your time

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Decadent, for lack of any other

1) two fish kissing
2) a car barreling towards me
3) a crab; pices
4) a perpetually posioned man w/ gas mask

Pico 1.5 Battle Engine Pico 1.5 Battle Engine

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Fuck, man...

Yea, heres a few things:
1. Arg, such a blatant copy of the real Pico... Though you may have drawn the characters yourself, it is so plainly copied from Tom and Jose's version.
2. Think up some of your own ideas, man.
3. Waaaaay to easy...
4. Arg, don't submit demos. I know you wanna hear feedback and have people acknowledge the "Time Crisis" feature and the "copied graphics", but really, just finish the game and submit that.
5. ... Arg... basterd.


1. the whole game is different, i only took Jose's character because thats the best pico ive seen, the rest of the stuff i drew myself and it took me fucking lot of time!
2. IT IS A TRIBUTE! And i got sick of waiting for pico2...
3. Some say easy some say hard... im confused...:$
4. As i said before i submitted this because i wanted to show how im going with pico 1.5 final... because it taking a lot of time i wanted to show that im still working on it!
5. just shut up

Newgrounds Anthem Part 1 Newgrounds Anthem Part 1

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Well there, Elie boy, I have something to speak up about here. Ya see, kid, this just isnt right, ya see? I mean, back in WW1, we had some difficulties right? Well this just spouts those out to the world there, kid. And dont you forget it.